Teacher Resources

Edukit Rental:

The Edukits include reconstructions of archaeological artifacts found at the Bodo archaeoloigcal Site (including stone tools, arrowheads, bone tools, bone beads, bison hide, pottery and more).  These artifacts will supplement the Bodo Archaeology Social Studies Curriculum Guides as an interactive component of classroom learning. 
The kits will allow teachers and students to better understand and appreciate Alberta’s history without leaving the classroom.  Eduakits will allow schools and organizations to access the vast knowledge and excitement of the Bodo Site, without the cost of travelling to the center.
Availability: Two Edukits are available year-round.  Please reserve in advance.
Duration: 3-week rental period
Price:  $100.00 plus the cost of shipping.  
You Need:  A credit card number is kept on files for a damage deposit until the Edukit is safely returned.
To reserve the edukit please contact us.


Classroom Curriculum Materials: Critical Challenges & Online Image Bank:

Critical Challenges (Inquiry Units) are designed for Grades 4, 5, and 7 but can be adapted for any Social Studies classrooms.  These resources were designed in conjunction with the Learning Network and Critical Thinking Consortium and are specifically written to match the Alberta Social Studies Program of Studies. 
The Critical Challenges explore one of Alberta's largest Aboriginal historical archaeological sites, the Bodo Archaeological Site, to bring history to life through meaningful learning experiences for students.
Availability: The Critital Challenges are available to browse and download for free from the Learning Network website.
Added Value:  An Online Image Bank and two video resources can also be accessed for free.  


Classroom Curriculum Materials: Teaching Archaeological Thinking:

Teaching Archaeological Thinking has everything you need to bring excitement of critical thinking about archaeology to your social studies classroom.  This resource is suitable for Grades 6 to 11. 
This resource focuses on six interrelated concepts central to students’ ability to think critically about archaeology:
• archaeological significance
• archaeological perspective
• cause and consequence
• similarity and difference
• evidence and interpretation
• value judgment.
Availability: Teaching Archaeological Thinking is available from the Critical Thinking Consortium or the Bodo Archaeological Centre.
Click here to learn more about this resource.