About Us

The Bodo Archaeological Society runs interpretive programming and tours at the Bodo Archaeological Site and Centre. The mission and purpose of the Bodo Archaeological Society (BAS) is to promote public archaeology, education and conservation of historical and archaeological resources at the Bodo Archaeological Sites. The tours and programs at Bodo, which showcase fascinating archaeological sites unique to indigenous bison hunting camps of Canada’s Plains indigenous groups, have engaged and educated the public by providing an authentic experience at an archaeological excavation. These programs have also promoted an understanding, awareness and appreciation of the discipline of archaeology and indigenous culture in what is now Alberta.

Bodo Archaeological Society Objectives:

1. Education

2. Preservation

3. Research

4. Tourism

The Bodo Archaeological Sites were first discovered in 1995 during oilfield construction in the area. Private cultural resource management companies excavated portions of some of the sites but when it was discovered how big and how significant the sites were it drew more attention to the area as one that could provide great potential for education and preservation of Alberta’s archaeology. The University of Alberta became involved in 2002 and carried out field schools at the site from 2002-2008. The field schools resulted in well over 100 university students gaining valuable archaeological training and several graduate-level research projects were conducted at the site.

The public programs as they are today were first offered in 2010 and they have successfully operated every summer since. Visitors enjoy their time at the site and centre and leave with new knowledge, new experiences and a renewed appreciation of Alberta’s culture and history.

For more information about the Bodo Archaeological Society (BAS), click here.

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