Bodo Archaeological Society

The Bodo Archaeological Society (BAS) is a local community-based non-profit organization that operates the Bodo Site & Centre by providing public archaeology opportunities and educational programs through heritage tourism and community engagement efforts. The Bodo Archaeological Society was incorporated as a non-profit society in December 2003.

Board of Directors 

The Bodo Archaeological Society Board of Directors is composed of a diverse team of local, regional, and province-wide individuals who are passionate about preserving the heritage at Bodo and sharing it with the public. Our team is always on the look out for new members. If you would like to help protect the history of east central Alberta contact us now.

Our current board of directors include: 

  • President: Leila Grobel
  • Vice President: Naomi Darragh
  • Secretary: Irene Ganser
  • Treasurer: Iris Larson
  • Directors:
  • Clarence Grobel
  • Roxanna Wotschell
  • Myron Ganser
  • Kim Larson
  • Lois Johnson

In Memory of Terry Gibson

Dr. Terry Gibson was the first professional archaeologist to discover and name the Bodo Bison Skulls Archaeological Site. He saw great scientific and cultural potential in the development of the site for students and the public, and set up and directed the first archaeological field school in 2002 with the University of Alberta. Inspired by interest in the site from his students and the local community, Terry, along with local community members, worked to establish the Bodo Archaeological Society in 2003. With his devoted interest in the site and mentoring of his former students who directed work there, many years of archaeological exploration and public engagement have continued. In his last year, Terry conducted geophysical work at the site and lectured summer students on his latest research there. He was a board member of the Bodo Archaeological Society from the beginning, and stayed on until his passing in August 2018. May his hard work and faith in the Bodo Archaeological Site never be forgotten.

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